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Shopping for truffles? The things you should know to get the best from your truffle purchase.

Truffle season has finally arrived, and at Fish River Truffles, we are eagerly preparing for our first hunt. What better time than now to delve into the pleasures and challenges associated with purchasing, using, and storing these precious delicacies? Truffles truly embody the delights of winter, evoking mouthwatering anticipation and rekindling our connection with your favorite sellers. The moment their exquisite aroma envelops your senses is nothing short of gloriousness itself. Join us as we embark on a journey of meal planning and indulge in the wonders that truffles offer.

Frank the truffle dog lives at Fish River Truffles and loves to find truffles. When it is not winter he just loves being a pet golden retriver.
Frank the Fish River Truffle dog ready for hunting.

When should you go shopping your truffles?

Well, how long is a piece of string? Let’s face it, if you have been waiting all year, why not get them as soon as they are available.

To the dismay of truffle producers along the eastern coast of Australia, our Western Australian counterparts begin offering truffles as early as May, which results in their availability ceasing by late June to mid-August. Conversely, farmers on the eastern coast will often commence our truffle harvest in middle to late June and typically conclude it in September. For truffle enthusiasts like yourself, this means potential access to these winter diamonds for nearly five months. It also means you effectively get access to two distinct truffle harvests, with delicate aromas at the start and full-bodied magnificence towards the end of each. However, it's important to remember that not all truffles from the same truffiere ripen simultaneously. This means that a truffle from say a Canberra farm's initial harvest might exhibit more aroma than a truffle from a Manjimup farm's fifth harvest, as Canberra's farmer has selectively picked only the ripest truffles for the season's first sale. We talked about this in our post 'The best time of the year to purchase your Australian black winter truffle' here.

Where should you go shopping for your truffles?

Let's pause for a moment and acknowledge something: we might be a tad biased here. Why, you ask? Well, we're in the business of selling truffles through our beloved Market Stall at Orange Grove Markets in Lilyfield, so naturally, we believe it's the crème de la crème of truffle shopping experiences. But hey, that doesn't mean there aren't other awesome ways to get your truffle fix! You can go the online route, rely on a trustworthy distributor, or if you're lucky enough, head straight to the farm gate and be part of an exhilarating truffle hunt. Each option has its perks, so let's dig in and discover the unique benefits they bring to the truffle-loving table.

Shopping for your truffle from a farmer’s market.

Are you gearing up for that long-awaited, mind-blowing first truffle feast of the season? Well, hold on to your culinary hats because we've got a hot tip for you. Picture this: you're at a charming farm, surrounded by fresh produce, and the best part? You can actually chat with the farmer, get to know their farming methods, and ask all those burning questions about their glorious truffles. Talk about a direct connection! And let's not forget the trump card: the truffle itself. Straight from the farmer's hands, it doesn't get any fresher than that. But here's a little insider info for you: because at our farm, we harvest those prized gems on Fridays we will have them at our Market Stall the next day on Saturday morning. Can it get better? Well yes it can. At a farmer’s market you can speak to all the farmers whose ingredients you are looking to accompany your first truffle of the season. Now that is farm-to-table magic! There is no better way to go shopping for truffles we think!

Shopping for your truffle online

Why not give it a shot? In the best-case scenario, thanks to express post, you could have your precious truffle delivered to your doorstep the very next day. But hold your horses before you hit that "Order Now" button. It's time to unleash the inquisitive side of you and fire away some crucial questions. First things first, ask about the harvest date. If you're dealing with a distributor, get the scoop on where those truffles are sourced from and how long the postage is expected to take. Oh, and don't forget to request some tantalising pictures if possible. Now, let's talk aroma, shall we? On a scale of 1 to 5, you're definitely aiming for a fragrant rating of 3 to 5. After all, you want that truffle to rock your olfactory world. Complexity is another factor to consider. You're looking for layers of flavors that'll leave your taste buds dancing. Remember, when it comes to online truffle shopping, the salesperson becomes your eyes and nose, so make sure you ask all the right questions to ensure a sensational truffle experience.

Shopping for your truffle from a distributor

If you're ready to take your truffle experience to new heights, allow us to introduce you to some of the most vibrant characters in the truffle industry. These people are the ones you absolutely need to know. Not only do they exude flamboyance and charm, but they also grant you access to truffles from various farms across different states. And guess what? When the Australian truffle season bids us farewell, these guys will be there to tantalise your taste buds with Europe's finest too. Now, here's the slight downside: freshness (or the lack thereof, in comparison to a farm-bought truffle). In an ideal scenario, you could receive a truffle as fresh as one or two days after its harvest (depending on its origin). However, if it's traveling from the other side of the country, be prepared for as much as a day 5 post-harvest truffle. Let's not overlook the air kilometers those truffles will have clocked up to reach your plate either. But hey, the flavors they bring are still worth the journey!

Choosing the right truffle

When it comes to selecting the perfect truffle, we understand that it can be quite a complex decision. Luckily, we've got you covered with our informative post on the matter here. However, there's one crucial aspect we haven't addressed in the post: truffle grading. To dive deeper into this topic, we invite you to check out the video we created last year, conveniently provided below. Truffle grading serves as a universal language that allows both buyers and sellers to navigate price negotiations and understand different truffle classes. Understanding how to grade truffles empowers you with the knowledge of exactly what you're paying for, ensuring a satisfying truffle selection that meets your expectations.

Finding truffle meal inspiration.

Oh, the moment we've all been waiting for: the truffle meal is finally here! If you're anything like me, you probably have a whole list of delightful dishes planned. But you know what I absolutely adore for my first truffle indulgence? A mouthwatering truffle toasty paired with a warm drink, all enjoyed in front of the TV. Now, let me share a little secret with you—the bread is where the magic happens. For that initial toasty, I prefer to let the truffle shine, so I opt for simple, plain white bread. You want a canvas that perfectly holds the cheese and truffle without overpowering their flavors. Trust me, this one is an absolute showstopper.

Now, let's talk about the golden rule of truffle appreciation: the KISS method is your best friend. In case you haven't come across it before, KISS stands for "Keep It Simple, Stupid." Many a truffle dining experience has been tarnished by chefs who overshadow the truffle itself with excessive techniques and distractions. So, here's the key: don't cook with your truffle; instead, shave or grate it on top of ingredients that complement its flavors. Think pasta dishes, poached eggs, smashed avocado, or even a luscious risotto. Let the truffle work its magic, enhancing the dishes without overpowering them.

For some genuine inspiration, we highly recommend checking out Roberta Muir's delightful truffle recipe posts. This year, we've partnered with Roberta, a culinary aficionado who has published several recipe books. She knows how to spark inspiration and has crafted numerous tantalising plates that will leave your taste buds craving more. Be sure to visit her site for a feast of ideas that'll elevate your truffle experience to new heights.

Storing your precious truffle.

Last, but not least, the question that everyone asks. How long do your truffles last? The answer to this question is two weeks from the time of its harvest if you store it well. For the best tips on truffle storage, we have a video with all the answers for you below. Don’t mind the silly farmer, he thought sound effects would be funny. Enjoy!

And that is a wrap! Hope you found this post of interest. If you did, share it with a friend who may also use it. We hope to see you soon at Orange Grove Markets and don't forget we will be live streaming our first hunt of the year tomorrow morning. Join us live on our Instagram feed at 9:30am.

Ciao for now.


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