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Extra Grade Truffles

  • Truffle perfection.


    Xtra grade truffles have the great aroma, no skin blemishes, are beautifully round and weigh no less than 20 grams.


    Extra grade truffles are relatively rare!


    *We grade our truffles based on the Australian Truffle Growers Association standard.


  • Aroma

    Aroma is king, chefs buy truffles on aroma.

    The best chefs match their truffles to the plate they’re preparing.

    This can take a lifetime to master. So practice, enjoy the journey, life’s short.


    Skin damage

    Check for insect and slug damage.

    Early in the season there might be a farmer’s nick, this is OK. Farmers check the flesh inside truffles before they take them from the ground.

    The flesh of your truffles should be black with bright white veins. Don’t pay for milky or brown flesh.



    Fresh celery goes snap when you bend it. Fresh truffles are firm and weighty in your hand.


    Shape and size

    Chefs select on aroma but if they want a showie truffle, shape and size counts.

    Extra grade truffles will have everything that is mentioned above as well as be beautifully round and weigh no less than 20 grams.

    First grade truffles also need to have all of the above but won’t be as smooth and round and can have cuts. These can be no less than 10 grams.