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Truffles Found by Frank under
French oak trees.

At Fish River Truffles, our truffles flourish beneath the canopy of three distinguished trees: the venerable English oak, the elegant French oak, and the charming Hazelnut. Through meticulous compound analysis, it has been discovered that the flavour and aroma of truffles can vary based on their arboreal origins.


The truffle you've chosen was expertly hunted by none other than Frank, our esteemed truffle dog, from beneath the sturdy branches of our French Oak trees (Quercus ilex), imparting it with a unique aroma that embodies the essence of our terroir.


Frank under French oak.jpg

Frank the truffle dog.

Frank, the truffle-hunting virtuoso is a multi talented 6 year old Golden Retriever born in the mid west NSW town of Bathurst.


Frank is the farther of 11 Golden Retriever puppies with Luna his friend for life. The best thing about Frank is his glorious Golden Retriever temperament which means he is always happy, very eager to please and has an unyielding determination which transforms each hunt into a triumph.


Thanks to Frank's canine prowess, the tantalising taste of Fish River Truffles becomes an annual culinary sensation, ensuring your meals are imbued with unparalleled flavor and a touch of his charm.


French Oak

Meet Quercus ilex, affectionately dubbed the "Holly oak" or French oak, a perennial evergreen adorned with petite, lustrous leaves. Native to Southern Europe. This stately tree has the ability to reach heights of up to 20 meters.


Renowned among truffle farmers for its gradual growth, the French Oak holds a special place in our hearts as the sole species certified for truffle inoculation in Australia. Its enduring allure and vital role in our truffle cultivation underscore its significance in our truffière's ecosystem.

Below is the Australian Black Truffle aroma wheel with the aroma and flavour qualities we have identified most commonly in our French Oak truffles.


Truffle found by Frank under our French oak trees

aroma wheel french oak.jpg
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