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Announcing an exciting truffle inspired recipe collaboration.

One of the joys of my weekend is to relax and do a bit of reading on Saturday morning. Inevitably as part of that reading I often find myself gravitating to some of the recipe books I have accumulated over the years. I have to admit several are Italian which not only helps me to keep my Italian in tune but always gets me reminiscing about Italy itself. It is lovely how food does that.

So in this brief post we will again share a recipe but more interestingly talk about a recent collaboration we have entered into which we are really exited about. Excited because this person, through her website, aims to inspire the enjoyment of food, not only by providing access to great producers, lovely recipes and fine chefs, but importantly, we like how she provides opportunities to explore the context and culture around food. Roberta does this through her guided travel tours, which we might be bias about because we know one of the countries she travels to is Italy. In fact she is planning one there now.

Roberta Muir will turn her skill to truffle recipies and a collobration with Fish River Truffles in the 2023 season
Roberta Muir cooking up a storm at the Glen Innes Show in February 2023

Some may already know Roberta Muir, she is widely experienced and has been around the Sydney food scene for many years. Up until recently, she spent almost 25 years running the Sydney Fish Market Cooking School, and we know all the amazing chefs that have helped out there. Roberta has publish cookbooks, is a certified Sherry educator and cheese judged, and I could go on and on. If you visit her website you will certainty notice her passion, she really is into food, and at this time of the year she is into Fish River Truffles.

Now to one of her recipes. One of Roberta’s truffle recipes which took our eye is the lovely fettuccine with black truffle. Like all great Italian food it is simple but complex. Her ingenious use of two cheeses really provides a great opportunity for truffle to sing with. Particularly the Fontina, an excellent paring we think. At her website you will find a number of truffle recipes but we think we are going to start our truffle feasting with this one.

So stay tuned, over the harvest season we will be getting together with Roberta not only to share our truffles but inspire your enjoyment of them. For more information you can explore the richness of Roberta’s website here.

Announcing Fish River Truffle 2023 harvest and market dates

This our harvests will start on 22 June and our first Orange Grove Market Stall taking place on on Saturday 24 June. We will be at Orange Grove Markets every Saturday of the truffle hunting season until 12 August 2023.

Hope you enjoyed the post. Give us a like if you did.

Leave us a comment below if you have met Roberta or been on one of her tours.

That is it from us.

Ciao for now.

Carmine and Leesa

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