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Buy local : Truffle Farms of NSW

Updated: Jul 8

Sign about NSW truffles
Buy local, look for truffles from NSW truffle farms. You won't get fresher truffles if you live in Sydney and surrounds.

Have you ever wondered what it means when a restaurant or food vendor advertises that they source their food locally? There are several good reasons for buying local and it has become a very desirable thing to do when promoting food. Apart from the obvious carbon footprint issues we think, when you know the farmer who proudly hands their truffle to you, they just taste better. And yes, because our farm is near Sydney, there is no airplane carbon on our truffles.


As a farmer, I can attest that food from nearby farms genuinely tastes better. There's something special about Renzaglia Wines and Happy Pig Pork; they are more satisfying because we know the people behind them—Sam, Sandy, and Mark at Renzaglia Wines, and Grant and Helen at Happy Pig Pork. We literally share fences with them in O’Connell. At Fish River Truffles, we deeply believe that the provenance of your food matters. It’s not just about the French concept of terroir but also the families, people, and community involved in food production, all of which contribute to its unique character and soul. There are many truffle out there, but none like Fish River Truffle.


This week's post is therefore, all about the truffle farms of NSW, particularly those local to the Sydney area. Some of these farms sell their truffles at Sydney farmer's markets, others within their local communities, and some even offer truffle hunts. In this post, we've gathered a selection of farms we proudly recommend because we know them and have worked with them in various ways. We aim to keep this list updated over time so you can rely on it for the best truffle experience. So, are you ready? Let's dive into our list of truffle farms around Sydney and NSW.

Farm Name

Farm activities

Farm location


Farmer's Market at Carriageworks Farmers Market

Hartley, NSW

Just over the Blue Mountains is Hartley Truffles. We have worked with Jane and Richard for years. They are over at Carriageworks in Sydney every Saturday morning of the truffle season.

Farm gate sales, truffle hunts, farmstays, the list goes on.

Oberon, NSW

Jill and Neil are a lovely couple and glorious hosts. One of the most interesting things about their farm is they have three varieties of truffle meaning you can enjoy truffle with them 8 months of the year.

Farmer's markets, truffle hunts, farmstays

Carric, NSW (near Goulburn)

The great thing about Frank's farm is the variety of his produce. From truffle, to olive oil, garlic, fruit and veg. And you should see how pretty it is there. Just glorious!

Farmer's markets, truffle hunts

Golspie, NSW

Another hard working truffle farmer who happens to sell into the Wollongong area via various farmer's markets.

Truffle events, truffle hunts

Marulan, NSW

In Greek mythology, Ganymede is a divine hero and yes, Ganymede’s truffles are divine too. Book early for their hunts because we know they book out quickly.

Meadows Road Truffles

Marrickville farmer's markets on Sundays.

Oberon, NSW

A new truffle farm will be selling at Marrickville this season. Stay tuned.

Truffle dog training

Oberon, NSW

Lowes Mount Truffiere is one of the oldest truffieres in the area with Col and Sue at the helm. These days they have turned their experience to training dogs to find truffles. You won't be in better hands. Visit their website for details.

For more information on visiting NSW truffle farms the NSW tourist website is very good too, you can get to it here.

And there you have it, a post on buying local in Sydney and NSW. If you though this post may be usefull to a friend please feel free to share it. If you have any questions or suggestions we would love to hear from you, drop us a note in the comments section below. And that's a wrap.

Happy truffling truffle lovers. Until next we see you next.

Ciao for now.


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