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Expand your truffle experience with summer truffles

2022 - 23 European truffle harvests continue, but! start looking for local 'summer' varieties.

Highlights this week

  • Harvests of the black Perigord continue in Europe. Now is the best aroma.

  • Summer truffle (tuber aestivum) is available from Tasmania.

The black Perigord truffle

Black winter truffle (Perigord black truffle)
Location: Italy, France and Spain Harvest season: December and mid-March

Supply of the Perigord is strong across all capital cities. We are in the later part of the European season so aromas are the best they will be. In our humble opinion, this is the time to enjoy them.

Prices are steady. Expect to pay between $3 - 3.8/g across our cities this week.

The Summer truffle

Location: France, Spain, Italy, England, Australia, New Zealand, Chile, USA, Argentina Harvest season: May-August in Northern Hemisphere, September - March Southern Hemisphere.

Chatting to Josh at Gourmet Life in Sydney this morning, he reminded us that summer

truffles are currently available from Tasmania, so why not support local? These truffles have a gloriously subtle aroma and add variety to your exploration of all things truffle.

Prices are around $1.50/g this week.

Where can I get truffles?

Thanks to our supplier friends who give us their time and market info every week.





02 9363 0775


0403 959 158

Truffles of Australia


0421 077 705

Brisbane/Gold Coast

0419 774 070

The Australian 2023 winter truffle hunting

111 days to the start of winter truffle hunting, Yes Yes Yes!

There is lots of activity in the truffiere at the moment. We are in process of re-tagging all 1010 of our trees. We keep them tagged to identify high and low production areas, but this year it is for something special, and we think you are going to love it. Can you guess? Hint, its all about different tastes and aromas; you should read our last feature blog post on truffle aroma if you have not already done so.

Soon we will start to brush cut around the base of our trees to clear paths for Frank and Luna our truffle dogs. Not looking forward to that.

For regular video updates, look us up on Instagram and Facebook @fishrivertruffles.

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Ciao for now and have a lovely week.

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