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The 2022-23 European season coming to a close.

European truffles start drying up, local summer truffles are going strong.

  • Prices of European truffle are skyrocketing as stocks start to reduce across all cities. Quality is generally very good.

  • Summer truffle is available from Tasmania and most, if not all of it is going through Sydney.

The black Perigord truffle

Black winter truffle (Perigord black truffle)
Location: Italy, France and Spain Harvest season: December and mid-March

Supply of the Perigord is at best variable across all capital cities. Most suppliers have noted considerable drop in demand so they have tapered their importing in response. The quality of what is available is reportedly very good. Ring around if your supplier does not have any. At this end of the season aroma should be glorious. Low supply means prices are heading up.

Expect to pay between $4 - 4.50/g for the better quality truffle this week.

The Summer truffle

Location: France, Spain, Italy, England, Australia, New Zealand, Chile, USA, Argentina Harvest season: May-August in Northern Hemisphere, September - March Southern Hemisphere.

Josh at Gourmet Life in Sydney seems to be the only supplier that we speak to who is supporting local Tasi summer truffles at the moment.

Prices are stable around $1.50/g this week.

Where can I get truffles?

Our list of supplier friends is starting to dwindle as demand here and prices from Europe start to go up.




Truffles of Australia


0431 077 705


02 9363 0775


0403 959 158

Update from the truffiere!

104 days to the start of winter truffle hunting.

E-tagging our trees continues as does checking of our irrigation system. It has been a lot drier this year, so we are relying on irrigation a bit more lately.

As you may be aware, we purchased another mob of cattle earlier this year. We put them in the same paddock the truffiere is in. Usually the truffiere is protected by an electrified fence but it stopped working without us realising. The result? 24 cattle stepping all over the truffiere. Lots of fence work and all is good with the world again. I herd truffle goes well with beef?

Look out for our next video update. We will be reviewing the very famous and ground breaking "The Art & Science of Foodparing". It has lots to say about truffles. Stay tuned to our socials, it should be out soon.

For regular video updates, look us up on Instagram and Facebook @fishrivertruffles.

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Ciao for now.

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