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White Alba truffle harvests coming to an end for season 2022.

Updated: Dec 17, 2022

Helping you with your truffle fix this summer

In this post we give you the latest on the European truffle harvest including availability, quality and prices of truffles. If you are looking to have a truffle experience over the summer holidays, as well as giving you a short list of the importers, we have some of the restaurants around Australia that have them on their menus.

Updating the 2022 European truffle season.


  • Harvests of the while Alba are coming to an end, supply is limited and prices high

  • Harvests of the black Perigord have started and they are trickling into Australia now.

The white Alba truffle

Most of the importers we contacted this week report prices are very high at the moment. We have the latest prices both here and in Europe below. Availability is very limited with some supply left across Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. You will need to be very quick.

Location: Istria and Piedmont regions of Italy

Harvest season: October to December

The black Perigord truffle

Harvests of the black Perigord truffles in Europe have started and they are becoming available across our capital cities both from importers and you will find them in some select restaurants. It is very early in the season so the quality will improve and be at its best in a few weeks. Waiting will be worth it.

Location: Italy, France and Spain

Harvest season: December and mid-March

What is the 2022 price of European truffles?

In this post we have prices for 10-40g and >50g truffle. The table below shows the price of the Alba in Europe.




€14,000 to €22,000


€22,00 to €27,000

The price of the white Alba truffle in Australia

Following conversations with the importers we contacted, prices of the white Alba were as high as $15 per gram. The average is around $8 per gram. You will need to be quick, when we spoke to Josh at Gormet Life in Sydney, he was eagerly waiting one of his last shipments from Europe to get through customs.

Simon Friend of Friend and Burrell in Melbourne is waiting for his black Perigord to arrive in the middle of next week but has given us the names of a few restaurants in Melbourne who still have white Alba truffle on their menus, see below.

The price of black Perigord truffle in Australia

Prices of the black Perigord truffles are ranging between $2 and $2.60 at the moment depending on grade and size.

Where can I get white Alba and black Perigord truffle in Australia?

These are the importers we have been dealing with over the years. We would like to acknowledge their contribution to this post. Thanks guys!





0405 424 860


02 9363 0775


0403 959 158

Truffles of Australia


0421 077 705

Restaurants with Truffles on the menu

Want your fix of truffles served to you? You won't be disappointed with any of these restaurants. A big shout out to Josh Rea at Gourmet Life, he supplied us most of the Sydney restaurants in the list doing truffles this summer.






see their website








see their website


02 9368 7488


03 9329 2882


visit their website

Truffle events

Oregon Truffle Festival

If you have seen the movie 'Pig' staring Nicolas Cage, you will have been immersed in the Oregon truffle culture. If you are lucky enough to be in the US these holidays and would like to experience it all again, put the Oregon Truffle Festival on your list of things to do. The festival starts around 16 February and is packed full of fun truffle activities and the enjoyment of their local native truffles. More information here .

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